Summer Salad Linen Top+Skirt/Dress (Set Meal)
Summer Salad Linen Top+Skirt/Dress (Set Meal)


Summer Salad Linen Top+Skirt/Dress (Set Meal)

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This set meal consists of both the top and skirt/dress!

A little free gift comes with this purchase: Choose between a strawberry/lemon hairclip or a pair of strawberry earrings!

Our garments are made in small batches and made well for both You & Earth! So, do give us 4-6 weeks to sew up and embroider your order. We will take heart in creating your garment, we promise.


The top is designed to be cropped and sits at the waist.

The skirt/dress has an adjustable elastic tab to fit all waist and bust sizes. The fit is designed to be slightly baggy with the gathers!



XS Top, Free Size Skirt/Dress

S Top, Free Size Skirt/Dress

M Top, Free Size Skirt/Dress

L Top, Free Size Skirt/Dress

Custom Top, Free Size Skirt/Dress


**Sizes are available for girls between 2-6 Y/O. Email us to order!

Surprise Detail

You will receive a secret manual to turn this skirt/dress into a bag as well! 





"a sustainability state of mind.."


We can't turn that much of a tide, but we wanna start small and start now to provide our community with sustainable clothing choices that would really help Earth. And, with this in mind, let us make clothes for you too..

You would know by now that helping Earth means zero-waste. With that, please feel free to send your garments back to us should you have fallen out of love/size with it. For a small fee, we can turn your garments into smaller bags, accessories or masks for you. If you bought our garments secondhand, this gesture extends to you as well.

Should there be stains on your garments after a weekend food haul, we can work some embroidery magic on it to prolong its life.

Whatever it is, please don't throw our (love) garments away! We can always talk it out :)

Love, Cheryl

By the way..

the fabrics used are eco-friendly linen / deadstock fabric sourced locally

the seamstress sewing up this range is local homemaker, Abby

while the hand embroidery are done up by Cheryl



Summer Salad Linen Top+Skirt/Dress (Set Meal)